Contagious Fun

CONTAGIOUS FUN is a series of occasional “play-by-Zoom” games events, to give NWPS a rare chance to come together and engage as a community during isolation.

The games on offer will vary, being obviously limited by what you can do on Zoom, and will be aimed at both parents and kids.

May 30: Pointless

7.00pm Saturday, May 30

Nothing says “school community event” like shamelessly ripping off adapting an existing long-running TV show.

POINTLESS is a perfect game to play-by-Zoom as every player makes a difference: because every answer you give affects the points that everyone else gets!

In POINTLESS, we’ll ask standard trivia-type questions over the night, but each will have many possible answers (for example: “Name an ABBA song that starts with the letter M” or “Name a former Australian Prime Minister”).

If you can give one of the right answers, your points will be based on how many other players DIDN’T give the same answer.

So if you can give the most obscure answers, you’ll score more!

Who Can Play?

POINTLESS is geared for adults and kids in years 3-6. If joining as a family, you can choose to play as a team or as individuals. We recommend individuals for the fun of it (you get to compete against your family) but playing as a team is fine.

The event won’t run too late and should conlcude by 8.30-9.00 so is great for families.

You don’t need to be familiar with the game at all: we will explain it at the event!

How Do We Play?

To play POINTLESS, you’ll need the following:

  • A Zoom set up that everyone can see and hear (for example: on the TV or a large screen)
  • Each player or team will then need their own internet-enabled device. This could be a phone/iPod/tablet/notebook/PC – whatever! It just needs to have a web browser and be connected to the internet. You’ll need this to submit your answer, and you need one per individual or team playing.

So if you’re all playing as one team, you’ll need two devices: one for Zoom and one to submit your answers.

If you’re all playing individually then each player will need their own device, PLUS one for Zoom.

Please note that the devices used for answering can’t be too old. You’ll need one that supports modern browsers, so if you’ve got a Windows XP notebook running Internet Explorer 7, or a first generation iPad… maybe get a different device.

Then get some snacks, drinks, etc ready and settle in.

Meet on Zoom at 7.00pm on Saturday, May 30.

Meeting ID: 840 2323 4940
Password: pointless

This event is limited to 99 Zoom attendees.